23 October | 21:00 – ARCUB

24 October | 21:00 – ARCUB



On a sparse stage, two performers live out two conflicting tasks. All is not well. Through a series of moving and amusing exchanges, and a touch of the absurd, they disagree, maneuver and negotiate, each adapting to a world thrown out of kilter.



Choreography and Concept : Ana Maria Lucaciu, Nathan Griswold
Original Sound and Music : Ana Maria Lucaciu, Nathan Griswold, T.M. Rives

Dramaturgy : Sam Ross

Music by : Verdi, Bellini, Wagner, Alarm Will Sound, Handel

Lighting Design : Ben Rawson

Costumes : Tamara Cobus

Length: 55 min (no intermission)

Spectacol de dans de Ana Maria Lucaciu & Nathan Griswold

Dance performance

Their disagreements take center stage- and whatever resolutions do as well. Both performers are sincere and well-meaning, but the arena they must try to find common ground in is preposterous. Effort is recognized. Success and failure are explored equally. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack combining opera, original sound and live text, the work exposes underlying elements of our simpler, more human, and sometimes ridiculous aspects both as performers and as human beings.

On their first collaborative effort, Ana Maria and Nathan team up to offer an unusual experience of dance that draws deeply from traditions of absurd theater, clowning, and a rich and intricate contemporary movement vocabulary.