class="">Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

28 October | 18:00 – Metropolis Theatre, Amfiteatru Hall

29 October | 18:00 – Metropolis Theatre, Amfiteatru Hall

Is art fair? What is the criterion upon which God bestows genius onto an artist, denying it to another?



When the curtain rises, Vienna’s streets vibrate with whispers. It is rumoured that, driven by envy, the now elderly composer Antonio Salieri killed the famous Mozart thirty two years ago. We set upon a journey, guided by Salieri himself, through the dark corners of his memory, witnessing all the episodes of his relationship with Mozart. As a child, Salieri made a deal with God. He asked to be a famous composer, in return pledging his entire creation to the celestial glory. As he becomes the court composer of the Habsburg Empire, he makes the acquaintance of Mozart, and thus his convenient existence starts to fall apart. How can a music of unearthly beauty, proof of the divine genius, “the voice of God”, as Salieri calls it, be brought into this world by such a petty, vicious creature? And above all, how could God betray him like that, when he dedicated all his life and career to His glory? Full of envy and devoured by his own mediocrity, Salieri pretends to be Mozart’s friend, determined to destroy him. A perfidious game, at the end of which both men fall. Mozart dies in misery, sickness and vice, while Salieri is doomed to live and witness how his rival’s music stands the test of time.  But the question still remains, like an echo in the old streets of Vienna. Did Salieri really kill Mozart? Did he do it, or did he not?

Translated by: Adrian Solomon

Stage direction: Victor Ioan Frunză

Dramaturgy: Adrian Nicolae


Antonio Salieri, composer: George Costin

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer: Andrei Huţuleac

Constanze Weber, Mozart’s wife: Nicoleta Hâncu

Emperor Joseph of Austria: Alexandru Pavel

Count von Strack, chamberlain: Adrian Nicolae

Baron von Swieten: Sorin Miron

Count Orsini-Rosenberg, the Director of Opea : Alin Florea

Venticello 1, pedlar: Carol Ionescu

Venticello 2, pedlar: Voicu Aaniţei

Teresa Salieri, Salieri’s wife: Ariana Presan

Caterina Cavalieri, soprano:  Irina Bucescu

With the extraordinary participation of tenor Robert Nagy

Other cast: Sorin Flutur, Andrei Redinciuc, Alexandru Grădinaru

Stage Direction: Victor Ioan Frunză

Set and Costume Design:  Adriana Grand

Music preparation, documentation and live piano: Csibi Andreea

Light Design: Victor Ioan Frunză

Duration: 2 h 45 min (with intermission)

Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest