class="">Love of People by Dmitri Bogoslavski (Nottara Theatre)

Love of People by Dmitri Bogoslavski (Nottara Theatre)

21 October| 18:00 – Nottara Theatre, ”George Constantin” Hall

22 October| 19:00 – Nottara Theatre, ”George Constantin” Hall

The story in Love of People focuses on the lives of three characters, bound with a thread that only death can break. Luska is married to Kolya, a violent man and an alcoholic, while Sergey, the village policeman, who has been in love with Luska for many years, tries to win back his lost love, when he finds out that Luska’s husband has disappeared. It is an environment where people are more often than not brutalized, the men are violent and the women – their silent victims. But behind the appearance of the ordinary, unsuspected dramas unravel.



How far can anger carry you and what are the consequences? What does love mean in a milieu in which the harsh whisper of the lives struggling with impoverishment, with not a drop of beauty, shapes human relationships? Can you escape without a scar when the social norm is dictated by violence? These are some of the questions which rise from Dmitri Bogoslavski̕ s text but also by director Evgenia Berkovich’s scenic version, in a tragicomic note.

A drama in which the author intended to explore various kinds of love, from gentle love to the one which sweeps everything in its way, Love of People is not only a reflection of a rural society, where everything happens at a whole new kind of intensity, but also a reflection of untamed human behaviours.

Translated by: Raluca Rădulescu


Luska, Kolya’s wife: Ada Navrot

Sergey: Ion Grosu

Kolya: Dani Popescu

Ivan: Sorin Cociş

Olga Borisovna, Luska’s mother: Anca Bejenaru

Lidia Fyodorovna, Sergey’s mother: Anda Caropol

Nastya, Ivan’s wife: Sorina Ştefănescu

Mashka, saleswoman: Carmen Florescu

Chubasov: Vlad Trifaș

Olga, his sweetheart: Carmen Lopăzan  (20 Oct)/ Raluca Jugănaru Grosu (21 Oct)

Directed by: Evghenia Berkovici

Set Design: Ksenia Sorokina

Original Score: Vlad Trifaș

Duration: 2 hrs (no intermission)

“Nottara” Theatre, Bucharest