class="">THE THIRTEEN’S NIGHT A performance by Nicu Alifantis

THE THIRTEEN’S NIGHT A performance by Nicu Alifantis

27 octombrie | 20:00 – Bulandra Theatre, “Toma Caragiu” Hall

“It will be a story. It will be neither long, nor short, neither happy, not sad, just a story about music in performances, about their sound universe. A visit back in time of the theatres, the directors, the set designers, the choreographers, the special people I have met and cannot forget. 118 performances, 54 theatres, 61 directors – those are not mere figures, in a way they are the accolade for praising Euterpe, Terpsichore and Thalia. A permanent turmoil between the yard and the garden on the smooth steep floor of the stage, like running on a deck, between the fore and the aft of a ship, under the storm….”




“For me, it is much more than a performance, it is an artistic vow among unique friends defying time and its laws. I believe that, after 45 wonderful years spent in the wonderful family of the Romanian theatre, today I have the honour to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

The rest is sound, light, spangle, glitter, emotion, feelings, sand, water, wind… The one who remains after all that is the Artist, a grain of sand carefully sieved and left on the empty beach, among shells and algae, in order to be found, maybe next year, maybe some other time, maybe never…

Artists are like sand… We turn the light off and the silence up. Like an echo, the song lingers on, over the thirteenth night.” (Nicu Alifantis)

A production of the National Theatre Festival

Bulandra Theatre, “Toma Caragiu” Hall