All information about the Festival’s performances and events will be updated on this website.

All events scheduled in the 31st edition of the National Theatre Festival (theatre performances, performative and visual installations, online special events, radio theatre, live events, conferences, book presentations etc.) will be available for free (viewing – online, on-air or live) between 6 – 14 November 2021. The theatre performances will be available for viewing for 48 hours since the starting time indicated in the program (with a few exceptions that you will find in detail on this website). 

  • THREE TALL WOMEN (directed by Diana Păcurar, a production of Regina Maria Theatre, Oradea), has not been granted online streaming rights by the agency managing Edward Albee’s author rights. The performance is scheduled at the theatre in Oradea, on 9 November at 18:00 (Arcadia Hall), under the umbrella of the RNTF.
  • Due to the illness of an actor, ROMEO AND JULIET  (directed by Vidnyánszky Attila jr., a production of the Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj), will not be livestreamed in the Festival.
  • Due to the illness of an actor, THE TRAGEDY OF MAN (directed by Silviu Purcărete, a production of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timișoara, will not be livestreamed on 13 November in the Festival.

The Visual Installations section can be viewed live, at the locations mentioned in the program.

Check the Program of the Festival and enjoy!

Click here to download the PDF Program of all events scheduled in the 31. edition of the Romanian National Theatre Festival (6 – 14 November 2021)


The National Theatre Festival – 11 November 2021

The Bald Soprano

11 November | 00:00 –


11 November | 12:00 –

Famous houses: Doina Cornea (video presentation)

11 November | 16:00 –

The Widow of Mr. Karnyó and the Two Rascals

11 November | 17:00 –

The Mystery in the Testament

11 November | 18:00 –

A Lost Letter

11 November | 19:00 –

Hamlet (part I)

11 November | 19:00 – Radio România Cultural


11 November | 20:00 –


11 November | 21:00 –

To Be Continued

11 November | 22:00 –


11 noiembrie | 23:00 – Radio România Cultural


11 November | 23:30 –

O istorie anonimă

11 noiembrie | 23:30 – Radio România Cultural

Shylock – The Final Role

6-14 November |

Teatrul Național Radiofonic: Vorba de cultură / Oglinda firii / Colecție 78 de spectacole radiofonice

6 – 14 noiembrie |

Harag György Anniversary Exhibition

7-14 November | I.L. Caragiale Theatre Bucharest, Rotonda Hall